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The Greatest Three Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is definitely the biggest city in California if you’re just looking at the population. Naturally, this would create a higher demand in the restaurant market. After all, people have to eat. I have been to the vast majority of the restaurants in Los Angeles, and I’m going to review which ones that I ..
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San Francisco’s Top Three Best Restaurants

San Francisco is home to a lot of California’s greatest attractions. There’s the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, among others things. Some of those things happen to be restaurants, as San Francisco also has some of the best cuisine in the country. Because I am so used to eating the food here, I know what ..
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The Best Restaurants for Dining in Miami

I’m relatively new to Miami, so I’m not familiar with every single restaurant. However, after spending a month here and eating out every night, I have enough factual basis to have a few favorites. As a result, I am going to chronicle my experiences with my top four favorite restaurants. First up is probably the ..
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Dangers of playing sports

Recently while playing football, I injured my back. Don’t ask how, because it’s too hard to explain. Plus it all happened so fast. That’s how these stories always go, anyways. It happened about a month ago, but I just saw my chiropractor last week. I was surprised at how poor the chiropractic care in Oregon ..
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