The Greatest Three Restaurants in Los Angeles

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The Greatest Three Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is definitely the biggest city in California if you’re just looking at the population. Naturally, this would create a higher demand in the restaurant market. After all, people have to eat. I have been to the vast majority of the restaurants in Los Angeles, and I’m going to review which ones that I think were the best of the best. Hopefully it helps you stray away from restaurants of inferior quality.

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First is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, My Two Cents. Soul food is great, and it would seriously take a lot to make a dish taste bad. Sadly, I have still been disappointed with other soul food restaurants in Los Angeles. Even though My Two Cents is better than them in general, it is also a great restaurant in general. Personally, I think it is just as good as the high-end restaurants that you would find downtown. Having snooty waiters and overpriced food doesn’t just inherently make your restaurant better. If you like shrimp at all, you will be in heaven here.

I am always surprised at how fresh it tastes, but then I remember that Los Angeles is pretty close to the coast. More than Las Vegas is, at least. My Two Cents offers a large variety of different things to order, but the shrimp here is so amazing. On top of that, it’s in a lot of the dishes. My favorite dish to order here is definitely the gumbo, and I usually have difficulty ordering something else. It’s usually just my wife who has to order something else, and then I try some of hers. I have still tried a lot of the dishes regardless, and I can say from personal experience that they are all amazing.

Lots of Los Angeles restaurants try to specialize in one or two dishes and then they pressure everyone to order it, but it’s very rare that you find a restaurant in Los Angeles that doesn’t serve any bad food. Another thing I love about My Two Cents is the interior. There isn’t a surplus of fancy decor or colorful lighting, and I like that. There are a nice amount of windows though, so natural light fills the restaurant during the day. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me happier to be in the sun when I eat. Nobody wants to eat in a musky dungeon, after all.

If I were you, I would make sure to be nearby Picfair Village in Los Angeles, because it’s not uncommon for My Two Cents to get packed. Fortunately, the staff are all very experienced in what they do. I have never seen any of them crack under pressure, even during rush hour when everyone is trying to eat. In addition, my wife and I have both picked up on how clean the restaurant is. Not just the plates and glasses, but more obscure things as well. Like the restrooms and the bottoms of the tables, for example.

Kitchen cleaning is also very important, and you would be surprised at how many Los Angeles restaurants skimp in this department. If your hood is dirty, the risk of grease fires will spike. Health safety violations are no joke. I recently heard about some good restaurant hood cleaners in Los Angeles from a friend, so next time I see the owner I’ll have to suggest it to him. Not to say that their kitchen is dirty or anything.

But you can never be too safe. From what I have heard, these hood cleaners also have additional services such as commercial kitchen cleaning. I don’t know a ton, but I’m sure I could learn more from the about page. You have heard my two cents on My Two Cents, but if you want another opinion then there are plenty of positive online reviews that generally agree with everything I have said.

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Republique is also another great Los Angeles restaurant, and it also happens to be my favorite French restaurant in Los Angeles. Not a lot of people know what kind of food is included in French cuisine, but maybe this review will help to put it on the map for more Los Angeles citizens. This time around, you will be eating nearby Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. Again, you will find great prices on great food here.

Even if you’re not much into European food, I would highly encourage that you try something that you have overlooked previously. If you’re into pastries, you are in luck. I can’t eat at Republique without taking pastries home, and I crave them. My mouth is watering just at the thought, honestly.

Maybe I should have eaten a bigger lunch. One thing that I really love about Republique is the service. The waiters aren’t just helpful and friendly, but they also love the food that they serve. That’s especially rare in the food industry, and it is much appreciated. Clearly the staff left a great impression on the other customers who ate here, because there are a lot of great reviews on yelp and google.

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The third restaurant is The Morrison in Los Angeles. It may be listed last, but with so many restaurants in Los Angeles you know these three are all equally just as good. I only had it as a St. Patrick’s Day special, but the corned beef sandwich was so amazing. It was enough to make me want to come back, even without the great service and prices.

The Morrison has some of the more reasonable prices I have seen on Los Angeles restaurant meals, so if you wanted to go on a business meeting and were paying for everyone then this is a great spot. The menu has a lot of different items, but the burgers and sandwiches here are among my favorite in any city.

These reviews may seem a bit hyperbolic, but I genuinely love these restaurants. My wife and I have both left great reviews online whenever we enjoyed a restaurant, and we have left a lot of reviews. But on the flip side, there have also been a lot of reviews that we didn’t write. Out of all of the northern Los Angeles restaurants, The Morrison is really the best option.