San Francisco’s Top Three Best Restaurants

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San Francisco’s Top Three Best Restaurants

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San Francisco is home to a lot of California’s greatest attractions. There’s the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, among others things. Some of those things happen to be restaurants, as San Francisco also has some of the best cuisine in the country. Because I am so used to eating the food here, I know what each restaurant does right as well as what it does wrong. That is why I will be reviewing my favorite restaurants within the Bay Area.

san francisco fish house

Since the San Francisco Bay Area happens to be located on the bay, that would naturally mean that fresh seafood is caught there daily. Seafood is definitely my favorite food, so I will be reviewing Fog Harbor Fish House first. Fog Harbor Fish House is located right on the waterfront in northern San Francisco, just north of North Beach. I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat seafood while you walk, but you should definitely plan a trip to the beach since you’re already by the coast. My favorite dish is the Surf and Turf. Surf and Turf is just a general name for a dish that includes seafood and red meat. Although it is served at a lot of restaurants, not a lot of them pick very good meat to include.

Clearly Fog Harbor Fish House’s chefs know which food to put in theirs, otherwise I’m sure I would dislike it. Even though there are a lot of people who don’t care for seafood, I would highly encourage anyone who hasn’t been to  Fog Harbor Fish House to try it. You never know, they may have something that you like. I have found that even the picky eaters I bring find something to eat. Don’t worry about bringing friends here, because you likely won’t even have to split the check.

Fog Harbor Fish House offers great prices on top of a great selection, and all of the food is priced well below something you would find at a restaurant of lesser quality. You know a restaurant is great when they can stay in business and still offer affordable prices. That’s because the demand is so high. It’s economics.  Fog Harbor Fish House is just an all around great restaurant. Another thing that I love about this San Francisco restaurant is the aesthetic. There are a lot of windows that peer right over the waterfront, and it’s a beautiful view. You can sit outside as well if you want to, but I prefer to be indoor where the temperature is maintained.

In addition,  Fog Harbor Fish House offers happy hour prices if you think you can manage to beat the crowd. I haven’t been lucky so far, but it’s also just another incentive to keep coming back and eating here. I can never have enough of those.  The last thing I’ll point out about  Fog Harbor Fish House is the service. Not once have I had to wait very long to get my server’s attention, and that is how it should be.

No matter how busy your restaurant is. If your restaurant’s customers have needs, then they obviously must be met. Otherwise people won’t come back. I think that my favorite part about Fog Harbor Fish House’s wait staff is the fact that they know the menu very well. I know from experience that they are all very well acquainted with the menu, and they have each tried a few dishes on the menu that they liked. If my thoughts alone aren’t enough to convince you, that why yelp and google house all of the great online reviews for me.

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Next up there’s Nopa. This time around, you’ll be eating North of the Pandhandle in San Francisco. What sets this restaurant apart from the competition is how clean the restaurant appears to be. I mean, all of the tables are very shiny and I am never afraid to put my hands on the table. At one point I spilled a bit of food on the table, but I didn’t hesitate to pick it up off the table and eat it. This may seem gross to a lot of people, but that’s just how clean the tables were.

Cleaning a kitchen can be the toughest part of a restaurant, and I know a lot of California restaurants in other cities have neglected their duties. One advantage to living in San Francisco for so long is being familiar with all of the small businesses as well. If Nopa wants to stay on top of their kitchen maintenance, then I know just the restaurant hood cleaning for them. They offer additional services like rooftop grease containment as well, but you can check their about page if you want to see the full list.

That’s not to say that their kitchen is dirty, but you can never be too safe when it comes to food sanitation. The food is great here as well, and it’s not the common variety that you would find in a plain restaurant. I haven’t even heard of a lot of the dishes served at Nopa, and that’s a good thing. That way my wife can’t complain that she doesn’t like something before she tries it. Again, there are a great amount of positive reviews here.

san francisco marufuku ramen

Last, I have to mention Marufuku Ramen. This Bay Area restaurant has a lot of things in common with the other restaurants, namely the quality, so this review won’t be quite as long as the others. Don’t fret, as less is still more. I don’t need to spend 600 words describing how good a restaurant is, if the restaurant is still great afterwards. Marufuku Ramen is in Japantown in San Francisco, and rest assured that this is the best ramen you’ll find in San Francisco.

Not a lot of people realize how healthy ramen can be, but if you put a lot of vegetables in it, then ramen can be a great alternative to miso soup or other similar sodium-filled meals. I enjoy the service and sanitation here as well, and you won’t find a better ramen restaurant in California. Both my wife and I have left positive reviews online after eating here, and we look forward to the next time we can visit Japantown.