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My cover letter and resume

First up is my cover letter:

To Whom it May Concern:

I am seeking a position in an organization where I can use my skills to help a company thrive.  I enjoy working with technology and am a very quick learner.  I am a natural leader and tend to step up to organize a team to get tasks done.

Since I am critical thinker and highly analytical, it is very easy for me to see the big picture and present solutions to problems.  Many people come to me with technological issues to trouble shoot.  I usually can solve the problem immediately.  If I can’t, I have the ability to do research quickly and solve the problem.  Solving problems is something I enjoy and am good at.

I would love an opportunity to explore positions within your organization where I can use my skills in a positive way.

Thank you for your consideration.

And now, here’s my resume (for any potential employers reading this)


Objective:  I am looking for an opportunity to work for a company where I  can utilize computers to solve tasks and help meet company goals.


  •        Computer skills:  typing, Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  •        Very good in Math
  •        High level of customer service
  •        Natural Leader
  •        Fast Learner
  •        Critical thinker and highly analytical
  •        Great at troubleshooting technical issues in computer applications
  •        Can install software and hardware with ease


  •        Senior at The School of Hard Knocks

Work experience

  •        Private employer (July 2017 until Present)

o   Assist website developer with search engine optimization

o   Developed websites

o   Research data to enhance customer product

o   Editing copy

o   Built multiple animations for web content

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